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iHeartMedia Louisville RFP

This request for proposal is to assist iHeartMedia Louisville in the selection of 501(c)(3) partners to codevelop cause marketing programs. The chosen organizations will be the recipient of a local in-kind media campaign across select iHeartMedia Louisville radio stations.


iHeartMedia, the leading media company in America with a greater reach than any radio or television outlet, is initiating a formal Request for Proposal [RFP] with invitations extended to prospective organizations to help identify cause marketing partners between May 4, 2020-July 31, 2020. The process is designed to ensure an impartial method for non-profits to vie for iHeartMedia’s in-kind media opportunities.

iHeartMedia is now accepting proposals from select non-profit organizations to be the recipient of an in-kind promotional campaign consisting of Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Streaming and Digital Placement. iHeartMedia Louisville stations include: 97.5 WAMZ, 840 WHAS, 98.9 WNRW, 100.5 WSDF, 95.7 WQMF, 93.1 WTFX, 790 WKRD and 1080 WKJK.

Recipients are required to offer at least one program that works to lessen the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences in children within the Louisville community.

iHeartMedia Community Partnership Business Objectives:

Below are iHeartMedia’s main business objectives for the 2020-2021 iHeart Healing Community Partnership campaign:

▪ Increase awareness of iHeartMedia’s Community Engagement activities and local station properties

▪ Help establish brand identity for iHeartMedia Louisville’s community partnership campaign

▪ Leverage iHeartMedia’s ability to mobilize listeners across Kentuckiana

Organization Selection Criteria

iHeartMedia is looking for the following key organizational attributes in a partner:

▪ Local organization with the ability to activate a campaign under the theme of iHeart Healing

▪ Leader in helping the Kentuckiana community navigate through adverse childhood experiences with proven advancements and impactful programs

▪ Ability to influence local behavior

▪ Highly transparent and financially responsible

▪ Excellent reputation with solid foundation of donors, volunteers, supporters, etc.

▪ Strong relationships with community influencers including local opinion leaders, business owners, corporate executives and decision makers with the ability to engage those relationships

▪ Proven ability to elevate brand and program awareness

▪ Successful editorial coverage in leading business, news and industry-specific media

▪ Team credentials

Organization Background

You are invited to include as much information as you consider sufficient to aid in iHeartMedia’s selection process. Below is suggested information to provide:

▪ Brief overview of your organization’s mission and impact on families within the local community

▪ Discuss how your organization differentiates itself from other non-profits

▪ Annual Financial Performance

▪ In-depth list of marketing and PR capabilities

▪ Cause marketing case studies that prove track record for success

▪ Current partner list including long-term relationships

▪ List of board members and major supporters (non-financial)

▪ List of executive staff and staff who will manage the iHeartMedia partnership

Activation & Program Development

Please provide 1-4 fully developed program concepts that address how you would use the inkind media to activate a unique cause marketing program. iHeartMedia reserves the right to determine the duration and time frame of the campaign. Each recipient will receive a 3-month media campaign on all iHeartMedia Louisville stations worth a minimum of $30,000.

Please consider the following questions when developing your plan:

▪ How is your program helping the Kentuckiana community navigate through Adverse Childhood Experiences?

▪ What type of impact would the media inventory have on your organization?

▪ How would you integrate iHeartMedia Louisville to be a visible program partner?

▪ Does the program meet iHeartMedia’s business objectives?

▪ What is the program’s call-to-action?

▪ What are the organization’s objectives and expectations?

▪ Is the program innovative and newsworthy?

▪ How would you engage key partners, donors, board members and other supporters to be excited and active in the campaign?


Radio: All radio PSAs will be produced by iHeartMedia at no cost to the organization. The organization will be responsible for providing creative brief and available assets as well as developing a full marketing and communications plan. iHeartMedia reserves the right to determine the number and length of PSAs awarded to each non-profit organization.

Digital: iHeartMedia will produce all digital website pages at no cost to the organization. However, the organization will be responsible for providing available assets and cause related content.

RFP Submission Deadline – July 31, 2020

If your organization wishes to be considered, iHeartMedia is requesting a written proposal (PDF format only) that addresses the points detailed in this RFP be submitted via email to localadvisoryboard@iheartmedia.com no later than July 31, 2020.

The final selection process of non-profit partners will be completed no later than August 14, 2020. If you have any questions or concerns during the RFP process please contact Jelisa Chatman, jelisachatman@iheartmedia.com, (502) 432-0721.

Thank you in advance for your interest in iHeartMedia!

iHeartMedia retains all right, title, and interest in and to any material, knowledge, know how, suggestions, comments, information or other communication, including all data, images, sounds, verbiage, text, and other things embodied therein, that you provide iHeartMedia in connection with this RFP, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights therein (“Feedback”). Accordingly, by submitting a response to this RFP you hereby assign ownership of all Feedback to iHeartMedia.

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