The Most Popular Kentucky Destination For Spring Break Is Unforgettable

Spring break backlit group of young people dancing on beach

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Spring break, that eagerly awaited and treasured time of the year for students and thrill-seekers alike, can be described as a brief escape hatch from the daily grind of academic or professional obligations.

As the season shifts to spring, choosing the perfect place to spend a much-needed mini vacation filled with thrills, escapades and moments of sheer relaxation becomes a tough decision. It's a season where everyone embraces the sunnier vibes, the blooming landscapes and a liberating sense of freedom, so the right location to usher in all the new aspects of the brighter months is a must.

Take note because Travel Pulse has revealed the best area to spend spring break in every U.S. state:

"After a long cold winter full of storms and stressful weeks inside the classroom-or in front of the computer screen-it's finally time for the two most beloved words for students of all ages and their parents: spring break. Instead of studying, it's time to blow off some steam, see a new part of the country and just let loose for a week or so."

In Kentucky, Lexington is somewhere to seriously consider winding down:

"It's regarded as the 'Horse Capital of the World', located close to lovely natural landscapes and is a cool college and foodie town all wrapped into one. Yep, that's Lexington, and you'll love it at spring break."

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