Kentucky Man Wins Big Lottery Prize After Last Minute Change Of Plans

Money rain, winner and rich.

Photo: Getty Images

Jeffrey Yeager, an avid Kentucky Lottery player, typically leans towards purchasing scratch-off tickets.

Despite intending to buy a $1 scratch-off at a Circle K near his Versailles home, he opted for a Kentucky 5 ticket on a whim, a game he had never played before.

To his astonishment, Yeager's Quick-Pick ticket matched all five numbers in the Jan. 20 drawing, securing a Kentucky exclusive rolling jackpot that had reached $530,000.

While Yeager usually sticks to scratch-offs and rarely engages in draw games, his spontaneous decision turned into a life-changing moment. He discovered his win when scanning the ticket the next day, prompting a visit to the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters.

Yeager, overwhelmed by the unexpected windfall, recounted the moment with excitement, having his family share in the joy. After confirming the win at various lottery retailers, he and his wife received a check for $381,600 after taxes. The Versailles Circle K, where Yeager purchased the winning ticket, will receive $5,300.

Looking ahead, Yeager expressed plans to use a portion of his winnings for a house down payment and even entertained the idea of acquiring a diesel truck. The unexpected jackpot brought a dream-like quality to Yeager's life, transforming his financial outlook in ways he never imagined.

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