Mysterious White Foam Blanketing Kentucky Creek Finally Identified

Photo: Getty Images

Some residents spotted a mysterious white foam covering a Kentucky creek earlier this week. UPI reports that it has finally been identified.

Residents Danny Robinson explained that he and his wife were eating dinner Tuesday night when he spotted the stream of white foam in Cedar Brook Creek. Robinson said, "I thought that's unusual, that's not right."

He said that as he watched, the foam grew thicker and thicker. He explained, "Within 15 minutes, the whole creek went from a few inches to a foot of thick foam. I said, 'We gotta make some calls, this is serious.'"

Head Spokesman for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, John A. Mura, said that investigators found out the substance was dog shampoo. According to Mura, Glo-Marr Pet Products Inc. in Lawrenceburg released some dog shampoo that got into a storm drain and ended up in the creek.

Mura said in a statement, "The stream was measured for dissolved oxygen and pH and there was no apparent effect on wildlife."

According to Glo-Marr Pet Products Vice President Dawn Duncan, this was the first spill of this kind in more than 20 years of the business' history. She said that the dog shampoo is coconut-based and would not pose a threat to wildlife or the ecosystem.

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