Watch Imagine Dragons Perform 'Follow You' With A Classroom Full Of Kids

During the pandemic, artists have been tasked with thinking of creative ways to perform their songs on talk shows. In March, Imagine Dragons live-debuted their latest single "Follow You" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with an intimate studio performance that featured a string section. For their latest live rendition of the song, this time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the band recruited a classroom full of kids at Dr. C. Owen Roundy Elementary School in Las Vegas to sing backup vocals. Though everyone was safely practicing social distancing, it didn't hinder any of the energy (or dance moves) that filled the room.

All we want to know is, when's the remix coming out?

Watch the performance above.

Imagine Dragons recently launched a "Follow You" and "Cutthroat" cover song video contest, with the lucky winner scoring $20,000 and a Zoom call with the band. You can check out contest details and submit your video here.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, vocalist Dan Reynolds explained the deeply personal originsof the new songs.

Starting with "Cutthroat," the vocalist revealed "that song is really an exorcism of self-loathing. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of years of my life kind of [feeling] 'woe is me.' I don’t know if depression is a genetic thing for me or whether it came from religious crisis. I was raised in Mormonism, and it wasn’t really for me. That was hard for me to come to terms with in my brain. But for whatever reason, around my teenage years, I really started to deal with mental illness, seeing a therapist and trying different medications."

"That was the focus of all my music, and [there was] a great amount of focus on self," he continued. "And that song is about kind of exorcising, trying to cut out, that self-pity, and embracing life and all that I’ve been given. A big theme of 'Cutthroat' and a lot of the songs on the record is the finality of life. I lost my sister-in-law to cancer last year. I was actually in the room with my brother when she passed. They have seven kids. It was the first time I’d ever actually been in the room with someone who passed away, and that really hit me in in a different way, making me think about every day differently, and how am I spending my time. The year before that, one of my best friends took his life. It just makes you grateful for your health, grateful for each day. People will hear it and think the song is angry at someone else. But it’s really angry at itself."

“'Follow You' is the opposing sonic side of the record," Reynolds explained. "The record, at least in my head, is kind of split into two sides. Part of it is looking outward, part of it’s looking inward, a little more organic, sometimes more aggressive, chaotic. And the part of the record that’s that’s looking inward is 'Cutthroat.'”

Photo: Getty Images